Public engagement

Public Lectures

2019.04 Vicky gives a talk on how to develop better performing solid-state batteries at Franklinton Fridays.

Scoping Out Renewable Energy Technologies

2019.04 Vicky and CEMAS and Engineering students scope out battery-operated materials for the 2nd annual Scoping Out Renewable Energy Technologies event with the Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland. Thank you CEMAS and the Transportation Research Endowment Program for sponsoring the event!

2018.03 Constructing Battery-Powered and Solar-Powered Vehicles with Girl Scouts of Ohio’s Heartland at the Center for Electron Microscopy and Analysis

Thanks to our volunteers from MSE, MAE, and Society of Women Engineers. Partners/Sponsors: Honda-Ohio State Partnership, CEMAS, Institute for Materials Research. OSU Underrepresentation in STEM Group of the Humanities & Arts Discovery Theme Science and Technology Studies

SPARK [Science Partnerships and Resources for Kids]

2018.10 Doan-Nguyen Group, Society of Women Engineers, and OSU engineering undergraduates head to Gladden House for SPARK [Science Partnerships and Resources for Kids] Materials Discovery Kick-off.

Science Communications

2018.03 Consumer Reports-VDN’s tips on how get better laptop battery life:

2012.07 The Energy Endgame Debate

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